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Soap! Finally! [Dec. 20th, 2009|04:32 pm]
SCA Soapers


So today I put up a 48 ounce, 8 oil recipe. I always find anything over a pound and/or three oils to be very ambitious. The last time I tried this recipe I went all out with color and scent as well. Always a mistake. The first time I attempt a recipe - any recipe - I need to do it plain: no scent, no color, no additives whats so ever. And an eight oil recipe.?. What was I thinking?
The first one didn't come out too bad. Mostly there was an oil that fell out of the tube mold but not out of the box mold. The color took pretty well but as I used the soap it started to fall apart along pour lines. It's all still use-able (and very luxurious)but I don't think I'll be selling it. Shame since I also covered the box mold in lavender buds.
It's really amazing that most soap issues can be solved by more stirring.
For this recipe I traded the coco butter (which I'm out of) for reclaimed lard (recycle, recycle, recycle) since the numbers remained fairly similar. I'll be interested in seeing how the final bar turns out.
What I really need to do is settle on 5 base recipes and then work in some seasonal things as well.
'Course, I've been talking about doing that for a while now.