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Gah! [Sep. 19th, 2008|02:07 pm]
SCA Soapers


I'm never sure what to think when, after all these years of making soap, something new and interesting happens.
Today's batch of soap was a rather common 4 oil recipe. 2 pound finish weight of olive, soy, palm and coconut. The recipe INS'd at 147 (a little low but *shrug*) and lords know I've worked with these four oils in one ratio or another many times before.
I think the mistake was walking away while the mix was still in the bowl. I wasn't gone that long but by the time I got back it was too think to pour. So thick, in fact, that I ended up lifting it out of the bowl in one piece, molding it into a long tube, and cramming it into the PVC and shoving it down to try and make it solid.
*shakes head* I don't fancy what this one will look like.
I added one teaspoon of grape EO, 1/2 teaspoons each of orange oil and bergamot EO. I also added what I thought was yellow color from my Small Box of Additives. It was something I bought - probably at a craft store - that came in a bubble pack on a card. The card had all the information on it and the squeeze bottle was blank.
When am I going to remember to label everything.
Anyway, the new bit. While I was cramming the whole thing into the mold it seems that the center was going into gel with a fairly exothermic reaction. It was really hot. And a bit raw but not terribly. My hands are smoother* but the open cuts on them didn't scream about the lye much more than they would about the heat so it's hard to tell.
I have a feeling that this batch is going to end up in the laundry soap.

*I quit wearing protection when making a soap a long time ago. I don't much like rubber gloves because I prefer to be able to feel what I'm touching and I've never cared for goggles. The concentration of the lye solution that goes into CP soap is weak enough that the worst damage I've ever taken has been having all the finger prints removed from my hands. But then, at most, I make a 2 pound batch every day or so. If I were making more it would be a different story. When I teach I'm very clear about just how stupid this practice is but the point of my classes are to get people past their fears and start making soap. I need to get a T-shirt made that says 'Respect the lye, do not fear the lye.'

[User Picture]From: snobahr
2008-09-19 09:34 pm (UTC)
I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your posts in this community. I've never made soap (and at the moment, my home life is not conducive to soap-making), but I really like reading how other folks go about it.

Thank you.

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