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Today's soap [Sep. 17th, 2008|04:09 pm]
SCA Soapers


A two pound, three oil recipe; soybean heavy, coconut, and olive.
I added a half a teaspoon of spearmint and also eucalyptus and two teaspoons of powdered mustard at trace. I was hoping that the mustard would also add some color but I really didn't see any. Not fair to look for it at trace since the coconut oil tends to whiten any soap recipe (I love using it with reclaimed lard to help lighten the finished product). Still, I also added the last little bit of my yellow oxide powder. Boy, a little of that goes a long way. I definitely recommend oxide powders for anyone on a soaping budget (and really, who isn't?)
The recipe's INS is 138 which is lower than I usually like to go. Staying as near to 160 as possible usually produces a hard bar that both lathers and cleans well. I'm pretty certain this one will do well when it's dried.
Labels are coming along slowly. I'm thinking I may have to upgrade my poor little graphics program. Even so, I'm sticking with my black and white laser printer so my graphics are kinds limited either way.
I'm also going to need to look into a cutting box. I've been looking around on line and not coming up with anything resembling what I'm looking for. I want a box that will firmly hold a bar of soap that I've pulled from a 3" PVC pipe with a cutting guide at the open end and the ability to advance the bar in even (and variable) increments. I know - basically - what it would look like and I fear I may have to build it. I've been resisting as I don't have the tools that would make the job easier if not possible.
So what is everyone else doing?

[User Picture]From: chaiya
2008-09-20 04:34 pm (UTC)
What does INS mean?

I use this sort of mold for my soap: wood mold. Well, either that or old yogurt cups. :)
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From: akshuman
2008-09-20 05:46 pm (UTC)
Nice mold! And thanks for the link. That's perfect for doing things like swirled or topped soaps. I'll have too look into getting one.

INS is a term that relates an oil (or group of oils) to the properties of soap made from that (those) oil(s). Optimal INS for a bar of soap is 160.
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[User Picture]From: chaiya
2008-09-20 05:50 pm (UTC)
Neat! Is there a website that lists INS for different oils or something? I've never heard the term before, but I'm not very professional about my soapmaking (I make it to give to my massage clients and friends, mostly).
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From: akshuman
2008-09-20 06:09 pm (UTC)
I don't think the MMS sap calculator deals in INS at all but the one over at soapcalc.com lists the INS of both your individual oils and the combined INS of your recipe. It's very helpful for determining whether your bar will be creamy lathery or bubbly lathery or conditioning or cleaning or everything all together.
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